5 PM on Saturday October 10 2015 

The Hall at Virginia State School - 1678 Sandgate Rd, Virginia QLD 4012

It is just south of where iq option x login Toombul Road joins Sandgate Road and near Virginia railway station.

There is traffic lights on the corner of Sandgate road and Jeffers Street and a fish drop off area inside the school grounds.

Fish in from 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Auction starts at 5.00 p.m. and finishes when all items have either been sold or passed in.

No Smoking on School Grounds (including the Carpark) & No Alcohol on School Grounds (including the Carpark).

Queensland Cichlid Group Commission 10% for members and 20% iq option x binary for non-members.

QCG Auction Guidelines QCG Auction Form 2014

Change to Auction Guidelines since last auction : All sellers must be present at the auction and help in the running of the auction & while their fish etc are being auctioned, they must be either a runner (moving the sold items from the auctioneer to the payment table), runners assistant etc or be part of the on-stage auction team.

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Auction forms and stickers available at the Meeting before the Auction.



PO Box 510 Clayfield Qld 4011 Australia

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Meetings held 1st Friday of the Month (February - December) and 2nd Friday in January.

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